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The purpose of water pipelines is to transport surface water or groundwater from one area to another without causing erosion and reducing the chance of evaporation. Water pipelines are large in diameter and can supply water to communities and industries over both short and long distances. Pipelines can be installed underground or above ground. They can be used to bring in freshwater, or to transport and dispose of wastewater.

Water pipelines provide a solution to areas lacking a continual and sustainable water source. These massive pipelines can transfer water quickly and effectively, avoiding evaporation which can occur in an open water transfer or diversion. With the incredible power of these pipelines, water can be extracted from deep within the earth through well pumping. Also, water can be directly taken from a surface water source. Water is transported through the pipelines with pumps and the natural force of gravity. JITF Aquasource has in-house capability to design, build, operate and maintain cross country pipelines of up to 2000mm diameter and reaches more than 100 km. We are equally geared up to undertake assignments with different types of materials of construction such as MS, GRP and HDPE with appropriate safety measures.