Project Ownership
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The roles envisioned under this stage include:

  • ➺Oversee the preparation of the business case and budget for the project, ensuring the proposals are realistic and meet the business needs and objectives, that private sector options have been properly considered and submitting them to the Investment Decision Maker for approval. Account are taken of any asset management plans and estate strategies which should be in place
  • ➺Establish an appropriate organisational structure and the necessary communication processes
  • ➺Ensure that users and other stakeholders are involved in, and committed to, the project
  • ➺Appoint a Project Sponsor and provide the terms of reference, adequate staff and financial resources, and any necessary support. This might include the appointment of a Client Adviser and ensuring that appropriate support is available
  • ➺Ensure that a brief is developed which clearly reflects the project objectives and is agreed by the users
  • ➺Establish a progress and reporting procedure, ensuring that any changes in circumstances, particularly the exposure to risk, affecting the project are evaluated and appropriate action taken. This includes reporting to the Designated Accountable Officer where there are serious concerns about the viability of a project
  • ➺Act as arbiter on any disputes which occur on the client's side
  • ➺Approve any changes to the scope of the project, ensuring that any which impact on time, costs or objectives are assessed and reported to the Investment Decision Maker as appropriate
  • ➺Ensure that Reviews / in-project reviews and post project completion reports are carried out and shared with all stakeholders in the project. The outcomes of Reviews of high risk or mission critical projects should be reported to Designated Accountable Officers and, if the review identifies serious deficiencies, difficulties or budget concerns, these should be reported by the Designated Accountable Officer to the responsible Client
  • ➺Maintain an official record of how Review recommendations have been implemented (or setting out reasons for not implementing any recommendation)