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Active sense of Company's social  responsibility finds expression in Svayam (an initiative of S.J. Charitable Trust) which it proudly supports.

Svayam aims to create an inclusive and barrier-free environment for all - especially elderly, children, people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities, who continue to face  barriers that prevent them from enjoying full civil, political and  developmental rights in the community.

Svayam advocates an Accessible  Public Infrastructure - be it Work Places & Offices, housing sector, Road and Footpaths,transportation- road, rail and air, Public places and areas of  tourist interests - based on Universal Design that includes every person irrespective of human diversity in terms of  demography - age ethnicity, gender, physical, and intellectual capabilities. A It vehemently advocates Universal Design at the planning stage itself - a design  that enables all, to reach, enter and use any given facility with dignity, ndependence and minimum effort. 

Dissemination of relevant information on the latest developments in the field of accessibility, laws, schemes & benefits for the people with disabilities, etc can be accessed at The organization offers consultancy in access auditing, appraisals, implementation strategies, sensitization training and workshops on disability awareness, disability equality and accessibility.


Svayam aspires to make India barrier free and provide universal  access to all.
For details please visit and write your feedback at