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India has a long coastline. With the constraints of availability of fresh water resources in and around coastal areas and stringent Coastal Zone Management (CRZ) Regulations by MOEF, the application of Desalination technology becomes imminent for industrial and domestic water demand.

With the increased industrial activities in coastal states (viz., Gujarat, AP, Maharashtra and Orissa) including establishments based at the confluence of estuaries and hinterlands, JITF Aquasource shall take up projects with the application of Desalination Processes (Thermal and RO techniques). The typical process shall comprise of:

  • Setting up of Desalination Plant with appropriate technology
  • Supply of automated hardware and software
  • Long term operation, maintenance and management
  • Billing and revenue collection.

JITF Aquasource shall also customize desalination systems for all port infrastructure facilities like colonies, port premises, yards, and fish processing industries.